Day by Day Christian Ministries, New Jersey is a growing community of believers with a passion for God and a heart for the people. From Bible studies conducted by members of Day by Day Christian Ministries Manila, our church was formed and established in 2000 under the lordship of Jesus Christ and the truth shared in His Word. If you are looking for a loving church family, an opportunity to serve and offer your God-given talents in service to God, we invite you to join us at Day by Day Christian Ministries- New Jersey. Be a part of the Lord's army!

If you are in the Jersey City, NJ area, you are welcome to drop by and visit us. Enjoy the warm smiles and greetings of our wonderful people, be uplifted by the songs of praise and worship! Listen and be transformed by the teachings of God's life-changing word. Our goal is to draw you into a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ.

May the blessings of our Lord be upon you. Enjoy the tour of the rest of the site.
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